Oppdrett / Breeding.

All pictures taken by me.

Pictures from following litters:

Kennel Nordkooik, born 17.08.2007

Kennel Nordkooik, born 03.11.2007

Kennel Nordkooik, born 03.09.2008

Kennel Nordkooik, born 21.04.2009

Kennel Nordkooik, born 31.05.2010

Charlotte Helvig, born 11.02.2012

Kennel Kooimaroon, born 22.10.2012

Kennel Arcanorum, born 16.01.2013

Oppdrettsplaner /

Breeding plans.



(Please be aware that this will happen only if the dogs is suitable for breeding, and if it is a good match.

If Anton don't fit Kara, I will search for other stud dogs.)




Second half of 2016 / first half of 2017:


Kara X Anton

Arcanorums Impressive Kara Amok

b. 16.01.2013 b. 11.02.2012









Kara X Xxxxx

Arcanorums Impressive Kara xxxxx

b. 16.01.2013 b. xx.xx.xxxx

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